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40% of people in Germany have contracted the coronavirus from travelling abroad, these 4 countries rank high for infection

According to figures released last week by the Robert Koch Institute, nearly 40 percent of people who recently tested positive for the coronavirus have contracted it overseas from travelling for holidays to coronavirus high risk countries, writes.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) found that of those who tested positive on August 10-16 and who indicated where they suspected they had contracted the coronavirus, 39 percent returned from holidays abroad.

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A week earlier it was estimated that 34 percent of people contracted the virus outside Germany, two weeks earlier only 21 percent. This data shows a growing trend in infections especially from people who travelled to these coronavirus high risk countries.

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In the last four weeks, the countries indicated by tourists returning to Germany who were diagnosed with coronavirus infection were mainly: Kosovo, Croatia, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Chancellor Merkel recalled that those returning from potentially dangerous regions who do not comply with the quarantine must expect severe penalties.

Source: DW