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1 euro coin worth 100,000 euros. Check if you have it in your wallet

1 euro coin worth 100,000 euros. Here’s what sets it apart from the others

1 euro coin worth a fortune. A coin of this denomination is offered on eBay for an absurd price of 100,000 euros. Here’s what sets it apart from others and why it’s unique.

Recently, sellers demanded as much as 149,500 euros for a rare 2 euro coin. According to a seller, this coin has a deeper edge and is therefore unique. Read more about it here: A 2 euro coin worth a fortune. Check if you have this collectable in your wallet

The coin in question is Austrian and represents the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It is a non-commemorative coin, but a  standard one. Each state, in fact, always mints its own coins. The obverse of the coin shows the design of the states of the European Union surmounted by 6 vertical lines, delimited on the sides by two rows of stars. The currency name is placed on the left.

Coins from 2012-2013 are the most sought after because mintage was very limited in those days. Specimens from those years are worth around € 18-20, while all other years are  worth €1. The situation changes if you get your hands on a very strange and rare specimen, perhaps misshapenmissing  a date or with completely inconsistent two sides of the coin. In this case, a coin in such a condition is sure to go for a huge amount.

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