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Nigerian Germany-based artiste Mr Positive releases new track ”Things Go Better” with amazing motivational message

Nigerian Germany-based artiste Mr Positive released a new track ‘Things Go Better’ that is a motivational track for those going through trying times.

The track was released February 27, 2022, produced by Lekelo, and is a beautiful blend of sounds, instruments and melodies with amazing motivational words.

Mr Positive shared with Afronews that Things Go better is a special dedication to all those passing through difficulties in Life around the world and especially in Nigeria.

‘The song is to encourage them not to give up, that things will turn around for good for them,’ He said. (read more below)

Nigerian Germany-based artist Mr. Positive releases new track ‘Mariana’ to praise naturally beautiful women

We asked what were some of the difficulties he faced in the music industry as an artist and how he had overcome them or was learning to overcome them.

‘As a Nigerian artists in Germany, one of the difficulties that I face is the promotion of my songs. Everyone wants money from you before they can promote you.’

His solution, increasing his reach by saving up to be able to properly promote his music.

Mr Positive is not new in the game having other amazing tracks under his belt that we have written about like ‘Mariana’.

Mariana is a song that praises the African woman in her natural state and in all she does. We wrote about it below: Mr Positive, Nigerian Germany-based Afrobeats Artiste, releases new video “Mariana”

By Rading’ Nyamwaya

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