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Multicultural street festival Carnival of the Cultures to be hosted in Berlin

The Carnival of the Cultures 2021 will be taking place on August 15th from 12 PM to 6PM and entry will be free!

Numerous groups of different nationalities will present music, dance, performance, visual arts and acrobatics on moving carriages at The Carnival of cultures.

The event had been postponed before due to the pandemic but will now take place, though at a much smaller scale.

The Carnival of the Cultures is set to happen for four days and tourists will get to experience the different side of the city. Over 500,000 people have celebrated the colourful mix of the city every year since 1995 at the Whitsun.

Cum 2021, the organisers are planning a decentralised variant in many Berlin districts with fewer actors than usual and in compliance with the applicable corona rules.

Decentralised carnival in all Berlin districts

The summer edition of the Carnival of Cultures 2021 is to take place in all Berlins’ districts. Smaller parades, workshops and concerts are to come together to form a decentralised street festival in the open air.

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Over 5,000 participants

Over 5,000 actors from almost all parts of the world will be present. From the Brazilian Samba to the Chinese lion dance, from the West African drums to the Bernese carnival blowers, among other carnival groups.

In addition to the four-day street festival, the parade is normally the highlight of the carnival but It will not take place in this form in 2021.

Street parade

Highlight of the Carnval of Cultures is usually the street parade on Pentecost Sunday in Kreuzberg where thousands of dancers, musicians and artists perform and about half a million people from all over the world line the streets.

The organisers of the festival proclaim that “the Carnival of Cultures is open to everybody and all forms of cultural expression. It is regarded as a platform for a proud expression of hybrid cultural identities, containing traditional and contemporary elements. It includes and attracts all age groups, professional artists and amateurs, people from all walks of life.”

Here’s a few pictures from the year’s before at the Carnival of Cultures 2021: