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Gambian Artist MLB Releases Debut Album ‘The Gentleman’

Africans in Germany. Gambian Artist MLB debut Album. MLB Di Papa, a Gambian artist based in Germany, has released his debut album, “The Gentleman,” which features ten tracks and is available on all digital platforms worldwide. The album, produced by Jlive Music, includes collaborations with popular Gambian artists like T. Smallz, Jizzle, and Hussain Dada.

MLB shared with Afronews Germany that the journey of creating “The Gentleman” began with his own musical path. He discovered the significant role his father played in the careers of many great musicians. This inspired him to explore what music truly meant to him.
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“This journey has been enjoyable because I’ve made the best of every challenge, no matter how tough. But it hasn’t been a smooth ride. There have been many ups and downs, and the choices I made during those times shaped my achievements,” he said.

He added, “People might think it’s easier for me because of my father’s success, but my journey is my own. It’s important to me to create my own path, so I can share my story with my kids and family. I want to set an example.”

As a child, MLB listened to great Gambian bands like IfangBondi and Sotokoto, and music from the ’80s and ’90s. He recalls getting his first cassette Walkman and albums “SANJO” by IfangBondi and “Gumbay Dance” by Sotokoi from his father, which brought him great joy.

“I started from scratch, facing big challenges like many artists. Sometimes, we all doubt ourselves, but I believe I should define my worth and capabilities, not others, especially not strangers or social media. They don’t know my journey or who I am,” he explained.

MLB emphasized that life is a constant journey of opening your eyes, and his has just begun. He is thankful to everyone who has supported him along the way.

“A wise man once told me to appreciate the slow grind because success doesn’t happen overnight. I’m grateful for all the support over the years. To my family, team, management, my producer and friend JliveMusic, and my fans—no words can express my gratitude. This journey has been unpredictable, and you’ve all played a part in making my debut album, which represents my journey through the years. The album is a collection of ten songs filled with energy, love, and compassion,” he concluded.

You can stream the album here: The Gentleman