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Anthony Sky releases new track ‘Unity’ with mellow tunes and strong message

African Music. Afrobeat dance-hall sensational artist Anthony Sky dropped a new track with a different vibe with a strong message to his fans Worldwide.

Anthony Sky shared with Afronews that the new track labelled ‘Unity’ is part of his view and his belief and that the message in the song was one that is to bring people together.

The Afro reggae riddim is already out now on all major streaming sites worldwide and fans can attest that it does have a slow mellow tone that inspires calm and peace.

With lyrics like ‘Unity improvise unity is device, music is my life Unity is the mentor’ fans can listen to the message loud and clear and understand that unity is the key – to success, to focus and in everything they do.

“I released this song a couple of years back but decided to take it off online, but now it’s back online. It’s a strong message to everyone , the lyrics say it all.”

Find the track on Spotify here: UNITY
Find the track on Audiomack here: anthony sky song Unity

Lyrics to Unity

Ice aah
Eeh eh U N I T Y
Unity me calling jah fire me burning
The community yawning unsatisfied desire
Unity me crossing the wire give you strength
to acquire me climbing the height
Unity wise
Unity open me eyes
Unity make me open doors
Unity is the truth Unity in your fuse
Society make you spray it
like you spray like hairspray
Unity is your bread no regret make you see
Unity liberate Unity inflate the rate
Unity is my status my living apparatus
Unity is my practice Unity is my tactics
Like a farmer need a tractor
Me say a banker calculator Unity is my anchor
Security mentor for the future for the nation
Many sufferation I say many rejection
Love injection pon the street infection
As we they go they go haa
Me let you know oo
Remember Daniel in the lion den
He made friends with the lion triumph
Unity in your heart livity in your life
Positive with the book
Jah loving me they use ooh
Daily conscience everyone conscience
Code of conduct light up the candle
Unity has no scandal
wear it like your sandal
Me breathing Unity air
sharper than your spear
Haters disappear we need unity up here
Equality reappear reappear
No dry bones no valley no sorrow
Jah loving you follow
Unity is your peace
increasing your comfort
Unity in your soul Unity you control
Unity me enrol recruit en route
Loving unity choose ah me they use
From January December
Unity me they render
Unity is my shoe unity is my view
We compromise everyone review
Unity improvise Unity is device
Music is my life Unity is the mentor
Unity is your anchor Unity is your sensor
Love and respect jah loving
me never relent o
Unity is my life me say Unity is the way
Me say Unity is the truth
Jah fire in the hook cross the wire ah
Unity in the wire eeh
Jah fire me burning haa
community them yawning
Unsatisfied desire no
Unity in your soul Unity in your mind
Unity in your peace living apparatus
Let Unity be your status
Let Unity be your practice
Let Unity be your aww
Me say U N I T Y
make you ask me why
Me say Unity is my anchor
Unity is my mentor my sensor, oo
En route kPass

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Who is Anthony Sky?

Anthony Anusie, AKA “Anthony Sky “ is an independent Afrobeats artist, singer/song writer and a content creator originally from Nigeria but currently based in Sweden and Germany in Europe.

As a Nigerian Sweden-based musician who also resides in Germany and is making music that is played all over Europe and the world, Anthony Sky is the epitome of new music and also a new sound to Afrobeats.

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