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Workers in Germany to receive 400 euros more, find out if you are entitled to the pay out

Work in Germany. € 1000 home work allowance. On September 14, the federal government decided to increase the flat-rate home work rate to ease the burden on many workers. Here’s what you are entitled to:

1,000 instead of 600 euros. Some workers in Germany will receive 400 euros more to their pay out.

1000 Euro allowance for working from home

Homeworkers will receive a higher allowance. Instead of EUR 600, it will amount to a maximum of EUR 1,000 per year . The flat rate introduced in 2020 compensates for the additional costs incurred by people forced to move to home offices.

The home work allowance is EUR 5 per working day.  Currently, however, there is a maximum limit of 120 days a year, which is up to EUR 600. This will change soon and the lump sum will be paid for as many as 200 days a year, i.e. up to EUR 100.

In addition to this, the flat rate for the home office should not expire at the end of 2022 as planned, but will apply permanently from now on.

In addition to increasing the home work allowance, the federal government is introducing a number of important changes to the tax law which millions of people will benefit from. The tax system will be adjusted to inflation. Thanks to the amendments to the act, additional burdens on citizens are to be alleviated, inter alia, by by increasing the  basic tax-free amount , reducing VAT on gas, using the potential of solar systems, increasing the family allowance.