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List of 9 reasons why you should move to Germany

List of 9 reasons why you should move to Germany

Life in Germany. The advantages of living in Germany. Over a million people every year decide to pack up their lives and move to Germany. Although it may not be for everyone, it is certainly a country with a lot to offer. Here are nine advantages to living in Germany:

1. Public transportation

Germany has a very well developed transport system and it is safe to say it is reliable. In large cities, trams are the main mode of transport. Buses are also available and go where the tram network does not reach, and in Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg and Hamburg you can also travel by subway.

This year, from June to the end of August, public transport in Germany could be used with a subscription of 9 euros per month. It will be replaced by one of 49 euros.

2. It is a safe country

Germany is a very safe place to live.  The crime rate is comparable to countries like Norway and Luxembourg. While people have to watch out for pickpockets and car thefts, serious crimes are quite rare.

3. There must be order

“Ordnung muss sein” the Germans say and attach great importance to it. Neat and clean streets, evenly mowed lawns and beautiful flowers impress everyone.

4. Money

Despite  the increase in inflation in recent months, money is the biggest asset for which most people move to Germany. It is also important for many people that the income obtained allows them to financially support their relatives in the country.

5. Job availability

Germany has no major problems when it comes to finding a job, and if your familiar with the German language you will be able to browse through the offers.

In 2021, the average worker earned 49,200 euros per year. From July 1, 2022,  the minimum wage increased to 10.45  euros/hour, and in October it will be increased again to  12 euros.

Currently, 250,000 craftsmen are missing from the labor market in Germany. According to the German Economic Institute in Cologne, the most visible shortage of skilled workers is in the construction sector. Plumbing, heating and air conditioning tradesmen urgently needed. There are also too few apprentices for construction electricians.

6. Long leave/vacations

Another plus of living in Germany is the long vacation. Employees in Germany get at least four weeks off per year, equating to 20 days of paid vacation for people who work 5 days a week. In some companies, employees have the advantage of taking up to 6 weeks of vacation per year.

7. Social assistance

Germany offers a wide range of social benefits, such as unemployment benefits, maternity and parental benefits and additional child benefits. Social benefits can also be used by people who work but cannot afford to rent an apartment, etc

8. Prices of Goods

Although they have increased recently, the prices of goods is incomparable. People can purchase electronics and household appliances at good prices, the same is true, for example, with cosmetics, clothes or food.

9. Tolerance of German society

Germany lives and lets live , so discrimination is relatively rare here. Tolerance in Germany is also closely related to empathy and there is virtually no social exclusion of sick or disabled people.

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