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Kindergeld child bonus: Here’s when parents in Germany will receive a one-off €150 ‘Kinderbonus’ payment

Kindergeld child bonus: As part of its latest coronavirus financial support package, the German government announced that families would receive a one-off payment of €150 per child.

The Kindergeld child bonus payment to families will arrive in May, according to a draft of the financial aid law, viewed by Handelsblatt newspaper.

“For every child that is entitled to child benefit in May 2021, a one-time payment of €150 will be paid out in May 2021,” the draft law states. We wrote about it HERE.

The cost of the Kinderbonus to the federal government will come to roughly €2.1 billion.

Last year parents received a payment of €300 per child in two instalments, as the state tried to kick start consumer spending after the first lockdown.

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The reported that Families with small and medium incomes are to benefit, as the payment will not be offset against other family or social benefits – but it will be offset against parents who receive tax relief (Kinderfreibetrag).

Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, the CDU’s Bavarian sister party the Christian Social Union and the Social Democrats – agreed last Wednesday to provide billions in support for families, low-income earners, businesses, plus the hospitality and culture industries.