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Germany: 100 euros child bonus, when will you receive it?

Child bonus in Germany: The government announced a relief package to compensate families for the increased cost of living, here’s how much you are entitled to and when?

UPDATE: In June, however, the child benefit is sometimes transferred later than usual. This is due to the public holidays – Whit Monday (June 6th) and Corpus Christi (June 16th). Many parents therefore do not receive child benefit until June 22nd

The coalition government in Germany wants to relieve families with a child with a bonus of 100 euros for consumers as a result of the Ukraine war.

The war has escalated the price of energy to its highest in the last 40 years and this has influenced the cost of living. In order to compensate for the effects, the traffic light coalition decided on a second relief package at the end of March.

According to WAZ, This includes, among other things, an energy price flat rate, a monthly public transport ticket at a price of 9 euros for three months and a children’s bonus for families. We wrote about this here: Germany: 300 euro bonus. Who qualifies for the relief payment?

 If the parents are no longer together, the parent receives the same amount as the child benefit. In the case of disadvantaged families, the payment is even higher: If the parents receive social benefits such as Hartz 4, there is an additional 100 euros per child.

The child bonus is 100 euros per child and will be paid out once in addition to the child benefit to all parents and guardians viable to receive.

The amount is a one-off payment and will be very similar to the corona bonus in 2020 and 2021. Those who earn more will not benefit as much from the bonus.

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Those receiving social benefits should also receive a further subsidy of 100 euros in addition to the bonus of 100 euros that has already been decided for them.

Source: Waz