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Germany 9-euro ticket: Where to buy it, how long is it valid and how it works

Germany 9 Euro ticket: The 9 euro public transport ticket is set to kick off June 1st 2022, offering passengers unlimited use of public transport nationwide for this 9 euro sum per month. Here’s where to buy it and how long its valid for:

One of the main ideas around the 9 euro ticket was to minimise usage of private means of transport and have more people using the train and bus.

This will make sure people in Germany save on petrol and diesel.

When is Germany’s 9 euro ticket valid?

The ticket is expected to last three summer months which is until the end of August. wrote that the promotion runs from June 1st to August 31st. In Bavaria, this affects the Pentecost holidays (June 7th to 18th) and part of the summer holidays from August 1st.

When will the 9 euro tickets be available?

Some public transports operators have already announced that presales for the discounted monthly tickets will start in May.

According to ,the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsbund, which covers Frankfurt am Main and the surrounding area, has named May 20 as the probable presale start date.

The Federal government is also planning an online platform through which the ticket will be available and booked digitally.

If you have a smartphone, you can also get it via the MVG app from June 1st . If you prefer paper, you can go to the counters and machines, where the ticket will probably be available from May 22nd.

Where can I purchase tickets?

Update 18th May 2022: The ticket can already be purchased in Freiburg. A spokesman for the local transport associations said that a rush was expected and queues were being avoided.

He added that at the moment, the demand was already there and around 90 percent of the tickets sold to date have gone through the service centre.

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Which trains can I use with the ticket with?

The ticket will be valid all through Germany in local and regional transport. It applies to trams, buses and underground and S-Bahn trains and regional trains, but not to ICE, IC and EC trains, Flix trains and Flix buses.

What if I already have a subscription?

If you have a subscription you will also get the charged only 9 euros a month and are still viable of the ticket.

Can I take my bicycle along free of charge?

Bicycles ride on a separate bicycle ticket which will still be required.

Do you have to cancel the 9 euro ticket again? 

No, it ends on August 31st.