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Germany: Thousands of 9 euro tickets printed wrong. Here’s what victims must do

9 euro ticket Germany: The well awaited ticket was supposed to grant people access to travel for cheap when a Bavarian transport association reported problems, where they printed the 9 euro tickets wrong.

Around 38,000 tickets issued by the Munich Transport Company (MVG) had been printed incorrectly.

Many speculate that it was not a mistake that the tickets had the holder’s name missing despite the fact the tickets are non-transferable.

A spokesman from the MVG told Abendzeitung that one could not speak of a misprint. This is despite the fact that in the first two days of sales, no names were available on the tickets which begs the questions, are the tickets invalid?

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What victims should and shouldn’t do

According to Nordbayern, Those affected by the nameless tickets do not have to exchange the ticket either, it is valid – at least if you enter your name by hand on the back.

There is one restriction: if you should have a subscription that is transferable, you should never scribble on the ticket. It applies as originally issued.

POINT TO NOTE: The 9 euro tickets is not valid on all regional trains.

How do I make my nameless 9 euro-ticket valid?

The transport company MVG reassures people who have received a ticket without any personal details printed on it. A spokesman for a transport company told Abendzeitung that there was no printing error. During the first two days of sale, it was not possible to print the name on the tickets.

What should people who have received a € 9 ticket without a name do?

Victims of the nameless tickets do not need to exchange it. It will be valid as long as the ticket holder has written his full name on the back of the ticket by hand.