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Five mistakes foreigners should NOT make in Germany

Five mistakes foreigners should not make in Germany

Life in Germany. Five mistakes foreigners should not make in Germany. Germany has complex laws that foreigners learn quickly, but some tend to ignore and can get them into big trouble with authorities. Here are five mistakes with major consequences you need to know about:

Breach of a lease

Contracts are taken seriously in Germany. Tenants are expected by landlords to adhere to the contract down to the smallest detail. All contracts must be carefully read. A common situation encountered is when the tenant leaves without notice.

Landlords require at least a three month notice before leaving the home. Otherwise you might find yourself facing a lawsuit, and the landlord in a position to demand payment of the remaining rents until end of tenancy.

Landlords also require termination notices for residential leases in writing, ideally on paper.

Riding a bicycle while under the influence of alcohol

In Germany, cycling and drinking alcohol especially beer are a dangerous combination. Driving under the influence of alcohol can land you straight in the police station. Persons found with a blood level exceeding 1.6 per thousand, face a fine of 1,000 euros and the driver’s license will be confiscated or even revoked.

Drunken cyclists are viewed as a danger to themselves and the public’s safety. A study by Auto Club Europe (ACE) in 2013 found that in 3,400 bicycle accidents, the driver was drinking. Recently, transport associations have increased pressure on parliament to increase the penalties in these cases.

Crossing when the light is red

It is considered illegal to cross when the light is red, and persons found in violation are penalized severely. Even in quiet suburban areas, people patiently wait for the traffic light to turn green. It is also important not to confuse the footpath with the bike lane because the police don’t like it.

Violation of quiet hours – Ruhezeit

Ruhezeit, which originates from the period of boarding schools, differs from land to land. Generally, the period is between 13:00 and 15:00, 22:00 and 07:00 and all day on Sunday. Violations of these periods can get you a fine or even eviction, in the case of tenants. According to German law, disturbance of the peace to be a reasonable ground for terminating a tenancy without prior notice.

Black travel in means of transport

People traveling without a ticket (Schwarzfahrer) can face hefty fines if caught. Unlike other cities, in Berlin, for example, there are no turnstiles at the entrance to the subway (U-Bahn). The public transport system is dependant on the honesty of their passengers. Controllers do not have specific uniforms, so people traveling in black cannot identify them ahead of time.

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