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How to apply for a vocational training course in Germany

Completing a vocational training course is one of the most effective ways of finding a job in Germany.

The German vocational education and training system, known as the dual training scheme, is highly recognized worldwide due to its combination of theory and training embedded in a real-life work environment.


A vocational training course normally lasts for two to three years.

It is very difficult to find a place on a vocational training course without a secondary general (Hauptschule) school-leaving certificate.

In Germany there are about 400 vocational training occupations.

If you’d like to receive help in deciding the right career, you can contact the careers information services operated by the Federal Employment Agency.

Since there are employment agencies all over Germany, you have to find out which one is responsible for your area.

The Federal Employment Agency also offers information on the Internet on the training occupations which exist in Germany.

The Federal administration is looking for applicants of all nationalities for more than 130 different training occupations.

Click here for more information on what occupations exist and how you or your child can apply.

Since foreign-language skills are important for many jobs, please find out if there are specific areas of work in which your mother tongue would be an advantage.

Young people who require financial support during their training can apply for vocational training assistance (Berufsausbildungsbeihilfe) from the Employment Agency.

Click here for addresses of the local Employment Agencies in your area