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All you need to know about the German citizenship exam

All you need to know about German citizenship exam

Guides to living in Germany. Acquiring German citizenship involves clearing several obstacles,  including a multiple-choice citizenship test that’ll quiz you on your knowledge of German history, culture, geography and politics.

Besides strict residency and language requirements, individuals will be required to sit for an exam known as the Einbürgerungstest to be able to acquire German citizenship.

The exam is aimed at ensuring that migrants understand important aspects of Germany’s political system, like rights contained in the constitution, and can deal with aspects of day to day life and culture in the Bundesrepublik.

Furthermore, there are questions on important milestones in German history such as the Second World War and the GDR, and you may encounter some geography questions and questions on the European Union as well.

The tests consists of 33 questions testing different areas, 30 of which test history, democracy, and social responsibility. The remaining 3 questions test your level of understanding of the federal state under which you are registered as your first place of residence.

Individuals taking the exam will need to be confident in their reading skills for the exam is completely in German, and since its multiple choice, writing skills are not required.

Even though it may sound difficult, you are given a full hour to complete the test, with some completing the exam faster than that. You will also have to score 50 percent to pass, at least 17 out of 33.

There are additional number of questions that a Citizenship test alternates between. You can find the list here, and a German language test here.

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