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Public holidays in Italy 2022

List of public holidays in Italy in 2022, divided into those that are valid for the whole country, as well as holidays provided only for some regions.

List of public holidays in Italy in 2022 for the country and some major cities.

Public Holidays Italy 2022 for all cities:

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Feast of the Patron Saint

The feast of the Patron Saint is a public holiday which is specific to each Italian town and city. It is celebrated differently in all the cities in Italy depending on where you visit.

The day sees a closing of all shops, offices and othe establishments.

The patronal festival/feast is specific for each Italian town and city, it is considered, to all intents and purposes, as a paid holiday due to the agreements in the national collective agreements.

Here are the dates they are celebrated in some of the main cities in Italy:

Patronal Festivals/public holidays in Italy 2022 :