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‘I love my wife more than my mother’ – Nollywood actor Kolawale Ajeyemi confesses about wife Toyin Abraham

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham’s husband, Kolawale Ajeyemi, admitted that he loves his wife even more than he does his own mother.

Kolawale Ajeyemi and wife Toyin Abraham, they are both Nollywood actors.

The actor disclosed this during an interview session where he shared it on his Youtube channel.

Kolawale Ajeyemi said that according to him being married to a good wife would lead to progress for a man. He added that after his wife, he loves his children more than his mother

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Kolawale Ajeyemi said: ‘ “My wife is the one thing I love the most, though I also love my kids and my mother. Aside from God, my wife makes me happy. If one has a good wife or husband, the person does not know how much God has blessed one.

“If one gets married to someone that is not meant for one, there are bound to be problems. That does not mean me and my wife don’t have disagreements. No relationship is perfect. The individuals involved just learn to tolerate one another. If one gets married to a good wife, one would make progress in life”.

Toyin Abraham is a well known actor and Film-maker in the Nollywood scene having been scripted in movies such as ‘prophetess’, ‘the ghost and the tout’, ‘fate of Alakada’ among many.