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Why Ugandan-German model Lijana Kaggwa faces body shaming

Ugandan-German ‘Next Top Model’ participant Lijana Kaggwa, 24, faces body shaming on the internet for being skinny and athletic. The model recently faced unusual criticism from a fan while she showed her workout in a gym in some Instagram stories.

The 24 year old was surprised that she immediately interrupted her training session to share the message with her followers asking them for their opinion on the subject.

The model received positive feedback as one fan said she has a beautiful trained slim body ans she should still continue to do her sports.

Ugandan-German model Lijana Kaggwa addressing the body shaming with self-love content.

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The comment raised the questions around Anorexia and Lijana Kaggwa was asked to educate her community about the subject and also to tackle the body shaming negative comments.

Ugandan-German model Lijana Kaggwa with a friend fighting body shaming through body positivity. .

She also explained that she “finds herself too thin and that is why she sometimes trains so much to build muscles”.

However, she did not address the subject of “anorexia”, but the 24-year-old may still be able to do so. First, she asked her followers to send her opinions on the topic.

She posts body positive content online to her 163k followers to spread the message of acceptance and self-love.

Source: Lijana Kaggwa Instagram, TAG 24