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UK offers work permit to non-graduate Kenyans

Highly skilled Kenyans without degree-level qualifications will from 2021 be allowed to apply for work permits in Britain under the post-Brexit immigration rules.

Britain’s new points-based immigration system, set to be implemented from January 2021, has lowered the requirement for job applicants to minimum skill level of A-level or equivalent from degree-level under the 27-member EU bloc system.

The news system will provide greater flexibility and ensure UK business has access to a wide pool of diverse skilled workers.

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The relaxed visa rules will enable Kenyan professionals in fields such as IT, accountancy, plumbing and electrical works to compete with other migrants.

Britain projects a huge climb in job vacancies after the new post-Brexit immigration system ended free movement of labour between it and the EU following the departure from the bloc earlier this year.

Britain has lowered the minimum general salary threshold for skilled migrants by 26.67 percent to £22,000 (Sh2.97 million) per year, or £1,833 (Sh247, 628) a month, from £30,000 per year currently.

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UK Home Secretary Priti Patel said Brexit has allowed “British people take back control of our borders and introduce a new points-based immigration system”.

“Now we have left the EU, we are free to unleash this country’s full potential and implement the changes we need to restore trust in the immigration system and deliver a new fairer, firmer, skills-led system from 1 January 2021,” Ms Patel said in the statement.

“Britain is open for business and ready to welcome the best and brightest global talent.”