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Nigerians in Germany: Nigerian man becomes victim of knife attack, seriously injured at train station

Police headquarters in Upper Bavaria North announced a knife fight took place at the Geltendorf train station involving two Nigerians. One was attacked and badly injured.

The police failed to report the case until days later.

Police reported that the two men, a 29 year-old and 34-year old, met at around 12:20 AM at the train station and the 29 year-old suddenly attacked the other man with a knife seriously injuring him in the head and face area.

The two Nigerians in Germany appeared to know each other but the motive for the act is likely to be a residing in a physical argument that took place several years ago.

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The suspect was arrested by a police patrol at the scene while the injured Nigerian man was taken t hospital fro treatment. He was an inpatient but has now been released.

The Augsburg public prosecutor applied for an arrest warrant for an attempted homicide. The 29-year-old Nigerian suspect is now in police custody.