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Akothee: Why women should support each other more

Kenyan musician and socialite Esther Akothee took to her Facebook to speak on why women should show more solidarity and stick together to eliminate jealousy.

Kenyan socialite and artist Esther Akothee.

On a recent post Akothee wrote about women speaking the same language of support meaning the tribe of women would bring up a joyful energetic generation. There would be more work and less complaining and this would result in more responsible men who are cursed less by women and society.

The reason that many women are not supportive of other women is because they forget their role in society and start seeing other women as their competitors. She said, ‘Unfortunately, you as a woman forget your role as a woman & start seeing every woman as your competition. Why?’

Akothee pointed out that the presence of social media and the internet has accelerated the rate of jealousy and competition because before it people would only compete with their neighbours or relatives but now more people are even jealous of people they don’t know based off the internet.

Social media, and especially photo-sharing app Instagram, portray users with perfect lives and success and hence the reason a lot of people start ‘feeling bad for not knowing how they got all their things in one basket.’

Akothee gave the advice that people online should learn how to ask for advice as everyone is fighting poverty and comparison is the enemy of joy. Followers should learn to complain less and work more and be themselves.

‘Internet likes and comments doesn’t qualify you as a successful person ,unless it’s putting food on your table . Then you have achieved greatness’

The post attracted a reaction from Germany-based DJ Aisher who said, ‘#Word💯💯💯💯

Other fans commented that she has shown great wisdom and what she had said is true.

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