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Germany: Bremen Evangelical Church kicks out African congregation to the streets

Bremen evangelical Church kicks out African congregation: The Christian African worshiper congregation has been on the streets since September 1st because the Bremen Evangelical Church (BEK) kicked Pastor Sunday Raphael Olabisi and his congregation out. An open rent dispute in Germany has left an African congregation on the street by the Bremen Evangelical Church. The underlying rent dispute raises many questions.

Pastor Olabisi and his congregation of almost 200 members filled a hostel in Bremen-Hemelingen with life from 2018 to September 2020 . 

In the former parish hall of the evangelical reconciliation church it was unusually lively and loud during this time. Churches of the Worship Movement celebrate their services in the truest sense of the word, which includes singing and music.

Why did the Bremen evangelical Church kicks out African congregation?

It is unclear whether they were put on the street as a result. It is clear that their lease has expired and they cannot buy the building – although there is interest in buying and sufficient financial means. reported on this on September 1st.

The Bremen Evangelical Church (BEK) has ended the tenancy and usage relationship and decided on another new tenant. The building is to be used and sold to the Coptic Orthodox Church in the future.

“I used my church in Milan to rescue Nigerian prostitutes” – Former AC Milan defender Taribo West

 The plan causes irritation among the Bremen worshippers and Pastor Sunday Raphael Olabisi , because they wanted to buy the building. Now the church and Olabisi are facing major problems. 

Olabisi lives with five children in the sexton’s apartment in the building. His congregation will not find a new place for their worship anytime soon.

The worshipers there pay 650 euros a month in rent, and they also want to buy the building . That would cost 420,000 euros. Money that the church has, said Pastor Olabisi .

The Bremen Evangelical Church is now planning differently, they want to sell to the Copts and their priests have already moved in. A heavy blow for Olabisi.

It was only in 2018 that his congregation moved from a warehouse next to a swingers club into the parish hall in Hemelingen, since then they have celebrated many happy and musical services in the new parish hall.

Soorce: Pastor Sunday Raphael Olabisi