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Nigerian student, Uwavera Omozuwa, murdered and defiled in church creates media outrage

Nigerian took to twitter to seek justice for Nigerian student Uwavera Omozuwa, 22, who was murdered, raped and killed in a church. This barbaric act was condemned by people online and birthed the hashtag #justiceforUwa which is trending in Nigeria calling for the perpetrators to be captured and brought to book. Uwavera is said to have been murdered while she was studying in a quite church near her home in Benin City said her sister. She had wanted to become a nurse.

She died in hospital on Saturday, three days after the day of the attack. Her family said they received a call from a woman at the Redeemed Christian Church of God on Wednesday evening. Uwavera was taken to hospital after a security guard found her, her skirt torn and her shirt covered in blood, Judith Omozuwa said. However, a police spokesperson in southern Edo State, whose capital is Benin City, told BBC reporters that they were treating the incident as a murder, not a rape, case.

She was the only girl admitted to the university of Benin to study microbiology and would often enjoy reading at the church. Unconfirmed reports in local media said a group of men had entered the church, raping her and hitting her with a fire extinguisher.

The news of the attack made its way to the high desk with the president of Nigeria, Buhari, offering condolence to the family and the friends of the 22 year old. Mr. Buhari issued a tweet that condemned the action calling it a ‘barbaric act’ and that he expected the police to investigate the case quickly to ensure justice is served. Many Nigerian women have been experiencing similar attacks and the giovernemmtn has not been forthcoming in coming up with a solution leading to outrage especially on social media.