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25 Gambians to be deported from Europe, says Gambia Refugees Association

The Gambia Refugees Association (GRA) Europe Branch says it has received credible information that the Gambia Government allowed European authorities to deport at least 25 Gambian asylum seekers from Germany, Denmark, Italy, and Belgium.

Gambia Refugees Association announces deportation of 25 Gambians

In a statement signed by its Secretary General Kalifa Suwareh and shared with AfroNews Germany, the association said: “We have received additional information from various sources that the said number of targeted asylum seekers are expected to be deported on Tuesday, 8th March 2022. It is also reported that the targeted number of asylum seekers have already exhausted all their legal rights in their asylum cases but were unsuccessful.”

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What’s the Gambia Refugees Association’s advice to Gambian asylum seekers?

 “We are appealing to the Gambia Government to change its decision and engage the EU to find another solution to this problem. The Gambian asylum seekers need the support of all parties (both the Gambia Government and the EU). We hope that the government will rescind its decision and give these people a second chance to get a better perspective. Some of the asylum seekers generally are doing very well in terms of integration, work, and even studies, and therefore, they all need the support of everyone,” he said.

The association also advised Gambian asylum seekers to regularize their status before it is too late.

It also assured its members that it will continue to engage the Gambia Government and will find out everything surrounding the deportation issue and will communicate in due course. “We, therefore, advise asylum seekers to continue to abide by the Laws and Order of any European country they reside in,” he said.

By Bakary Ceesay,

AfroNews reporter


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