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Gambia Refugees Association Europe calls for calm amid rumors of deportations from Germany

The Gambia Refugees Association (GRA) Europe Branch has confirmed that there are deportations of Gambians from Germany back home.

Gambian deportation rumors in Germany causes tension

The organisation said it had confirmed information from the Gambia’s Director of Diaspora and Migration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Musa Camara, that there was no deportations going on at the moment, despite the rumors being spread around on social media.

In a press release signed by Kalifa Suwareh, Secretary-General of Gambia Refugees Association Europe Branch said Mr. Camara confirmed to the organisation that there was a request from Germany to deport a few Gambians whose asylum cases were rejected but the Gambian government had not yet agreed to the request.

Mr. Camara said they are trying to review the EU Good Practice document, to enhance it to the benefit of both the EU and The Gambia. He urged Gambian asylum seekers to keep calm, focus on their work and avoid the misinformation going around on social media.

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Deportation, Gambia to reject asylum seeker flights from the EU

Activists condemn the Gambia government’s refusal to allow protest against deportations from Germany

Gambian Deportation rumors in Germany to cause demonstration in the city

Meanwhile the GRA Europe Branch has gathered information about a particular group of individuals who are planning to organize a demonstration against deportations to Gambia on Friday. “We wish to clarify that the GRA Europe Branch is NOT organizing any demonstration for now and is not part of the said planned demonstration. Our Executives are working very hard to dialogue, engage and make consultations with government officials who are responsible for Migration and Deportation issues, and hopefully, a meeting will be scheduled soon to discuss urgent matters.”

GRA Europe Branch added: “We, therefore, call on all our members and supporters not to be part of any demonstration in whatever form until further notice. We are working very hard to get results and we should not be distracted by anyone or group. Equally, we urge Executive members of GRA Europe not to join any such demonstration. Whosoever takes part in such without approval from the association, the person(s) will be reprimanded accordingly.”

By Bakary Ceesay