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First Afro-German nursing service launched in Berlin

The first Afro-German nursing service has been launched in Berlin headed by a Cameroonian in Germany Florence Ojong. The nursing service is an outpatient care service in the Hoppegarten/Eastern Berlin Area.

Florence Ojong is a Geriatric nurse and wound expert with almost 20 years of experience in nursing. She moved to Germany in 1996 to study English literature . The prospects of finding a job on graduation were slim. So she turned her student job into a career path . And completed her apprenticeship as a qualified geriatric nurse in 2011

The nursing service offers trans-cultural care which is showcased in their use of different languages when serving patients like; German, English and French, but also pidgin English and various African languages.

The nursing service regards every patient unique regardless of their origin, skin colour, worldview, denomination and nationality, gender, physical and mental condition.

“We respect every person as an individual and put their satisfaction at the centre of our thoughts and actions, taking their wishes and individual needs into account.”

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The Afro-German nursing service offers long-term care and short term care that are supported by one’s social security code and insurance. This is also inclusive of additional offers like; delivery and collection service and conversations and dinners with customers and their relatives.

There’s the standard task of mobile (24 hour) home nursing and the care and advice of caring for relatives. There is, for example, a delivery and holding service to church services, bank visits, doctor visits, etc. or simply as an accompaniment for going on a walk.

The organisation and implementation of celebrations with up to 20 guests is also offered. There is also a support group during the day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Once a quarter, the customers and their relatives meet for a joint dinner. 

Afro-German Nursing Service, Neue Hochstr. 8, 13347 Berlin, 460 675 56.

Source: Florence Ojong, Afro-deutscher