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Why Nigerian refugees in Germany risk forceful deportation in January

Deportation Germany: Nigerian refugees face the risk of forceful deportation from Germany should they fail to leave the country by mid-January in 2022.

Nigerian refugees face the risk of forceful deportation from Germany .

According to Network Refugees4Refugees, those affected are expected to embark on “voluntary return” to the country to avoid the wrath of German authorities.

The Nigerian refugees were to be deported from Germany on the 14th of December but there was a last minute saving grace that saw their chartered flight get cancelled and they were released from detention.

The refugee group said in a statement that Nigerian refugees in Germany are expected to embark on a voluntary return to their country within the stipulated period. Failure to do so would mean further criminalisation and amount to a justification for detention until the deportation can be enforced.

The German government had similarly tried to deport another set of Nigerian refugees in Germany in March giving the reason that they had no permit to stay in the country.

Sahara reporters wrote that they had gathered Information that showed since 2017 deportation flights carrying over 200 Nigerians have departed Germany while between July and November alone, not less than 110 persons have been violently deported from Germany to Nigeria, according to the refugee network.

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47 Nigerians deported from Germany on Frontex flight to Lagos

Even before the mid-January deadline for voluntary return, Germany is “determined to enforce massive deportation in the Christmas week (21.12.21) and January (19.01.22)”

The network is equally demanding that the Nigerian government decline the issuance of a landing permit for any deportation flight from Germany and anywhere else.

Refugees4Refugees reported that, ‘A charter deportation flight has just arrive at the Cargo section of the Lagos Airport. From about 60 expected deportees, only 13 were finally deported today.’

Source: Sahara reporters, Refugees4Refugees