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Coronavirus: Cameroon opens schools and universities despite rise in infections

The Cameroonian government have chosen to open school schools and universities amid hundreds of thousands of cases going on the rise. Officials say the increasing number of recoveries from the virus and health measures taken at schools makes them confident that they can handle the pandemic. Speaking on Cameroon state media CRTV on Sunday, Cameroon prime minister Joseph Dion Ngute said president Paul Biya ordered schools to reopen on June 1st because 3,629 of the 6,397 cases of COVID-19 patients in the central African state have recovered from the killer disease indicating that the strategy put in place by the government to protect its citizens from the coronavirus is yielding positive results. The prime minister added that a majority of the active patients are responding well to treatment and that there are already measures in place to ensure that the risk of new infections is reduced significantly.

“Let us not give into panic,” he said. “The ministers concerned have been instructed to ensure that protective masks are worn and that social distancing is respected. They should also make available the required sanitary kits such as hand sanitizers and hand washing buckets in each establishment.” 

The Cameroonian prime minister added that schools will be fitted with disinfecting rounds at least three times a week and that also those that lack water will be provided with it daily. Ngute said not more than 24 children will be admitted in classrooms and that only one will sit on a bench instead of four or five as has been the practice. A great deal of Cameroonians are coming forth and saying that the government is not doing anything in the effects to curb coronavirus transmission in schools and the  universities as promises for water and disinfectants are not being upheld. Some students are turning back for home for their own safety.