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Chinese president allegedly asked WHO to delay announcement of the pandemic

The German magazine ‘Der Spiegel’ stated that the Chinese President pressured the Director-General of the World Health Organization, in order to withhold information related to the transmission of the new Coronavirus from one person to another and the delay of the epidemic. According to the German intelligence agency, which has refused to comment on the news so far, this could be why the information was kept such a secret.

According to ‘Der Spiegel’, German foreign intelligence said that about 6 weeks of time to combat the spread of the disease had been wasted because of the Chinese information policy. It is alleged that German Foreign intelligence said that about 6 weeks of time to combat the spread of the virus had been wasted because of the Chinese information policy. The World Health Organization rejected the report of the German magazine ‘Der Spiegel’ stressing on the fact that what was published was in a matter of fact false allegations. The World Health Organization said in a statement: The report, published by a German magazine, about a telephone conversation between the Director of the World Health Organization and the Chinese president on January 21st is baseless.

In its statement, the World Health Organization confirmed that Gypressus and Jinping had “never spoken by phone” and warned that “such inaccurate reports distract attention from the WHO and global efforts to end the Covid-19 pandemic ,” noting that China confirmed the transmission of the virus Corona between humans on January 20th.

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WHO officials issued a statement on January 22, stating that there are indications of transmission from person to person in Wuhan, but further investigations were necessary, and the World Health Organization announced the Corona virus was a pandemic on February 11th. The president of the US, Donald Trump, is among the heads of state that critiqued how the World Health Organization dealt with the epidemic, accusing it of mismanagement. The downplaying of the health crisis caused by the Coronavirus and its compliance with Chinese demands made him decide to suspend his country’s financial contribution to the organization.

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