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Joy A. Alemazung Cameroon-born politician elected mayor of Heubach, Germany

Cameroonian Germany-based politician, Joy A. Alemazung, has been elected mayor of the city of Heubach, near Stuttgart, with an outstanding result on Sunday.

The Cameroon-German won by a whooping 66.22% of the popular vote which put him in the lead beating more than 6 other contestants.

Speaking to the inhabitants and the press on Sunday evening after his election, the 46-year-old political scientist said he was overwhelmed by the result. Joy A. Alemazung however assured the people of the town that his biggest goal was “the well-being of all people in this beautiful municipality” – African Courier.

Journalist David Wagner in the local newspaper Gmünder Tagespost. wrote: “Because he has the professional competence to lead the communal administration. Because he credibly communicated that he has ideas and visions for Heubach.  But above all, because he is incredibly charismatic, there is hardly anyone who has met him and not been impressed in some way. That is a great prerequisite for the office.”

Prominent African community leaders in Germany Dr. Susan Tatah and Joy Zenz shared some words about the historic win.

Dr. Susan Tatah, Africa We Want e.V founder, host of Pan-African Daily TV and International Afrika Festival Tübingen organiser, had a few congratulatory words to say in a post:

‘Germany Today: Not White, Not Black but Coloured! CONGRATULATIONS DR JOY ALEMAZUNG. The New Major of the German City Heubach – Schwabisch Gmund is not a white German but African born and raised in Limbe, Southern Region of Cameroon. Imagine the wide smile of wifey queen Alemazung as she expresses how proud she is seeing her hard working husband Dr Joy Alemazung take over the leadership of this beautiful German Town.

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African Women in Europe (AWE) releases new app

African Women in Germany (AWE) founder Joy Zenz also congratulated Dr. Joy who had recently, at the AWE Awards, been awarded AWE Man of The Year 2019. This is what she had to say:

‘AWE Man of the year Award 2019 Joy A. Alemazung becomes the New Major of the German City Heubach – Schwabisch Gmund , African born and raised in Limbe, Southern Region of Cameroon. Congrats DR JOY ALEMAZUNG from African Women in Europe.’

Alemazung was a Senior Policy Officer at the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung or BMZ)) at the time his election.