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African Women in Europe (AWE) releases new app

The AWE app has been released to enable Africans everywhere, and especially women, to be able to share their stories and experiences without the fear of censorship or blocking due to topics related to Africans .

Founder Joy Zenz unveiled that, the big announcement is a space for all Africans to be able to express themselves freely while empowering others and to have a safe environment for their stories to dictate their own narratives.” she added that, “the app will feature a blog space that allow for members to share different information regarding investments, saving, ideas in agriculture and also to make friends and network.”

AWE release app

In the past there have been barriers towards the spreading of information and even making it accessible to everyone who is and isn’t a member of AWE but now that will not be an issue with the new app.

AWE are charging a fee 19.99 Euro . If you join between today 12th September 2020 till end of September you save 50% 9.99 Euro

AFRICAN WOMEN IN EUROPE (AWE) hosts virtual summit to connect African women

Follow this link to upload the app on your phone

Also watch video to have an overview of the AWE  app.

AWE Virtual Summit 2020

Morning Workshop Session 

Book Now your morning session from selected workshop facilitator 

Registration is needed

PS: Workshop will NOT streamed live

Register to be a member of AWE HERE: