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Bayern footballer Alphonso Davies contests Messi Ballon d’Or award, supports Lewandowski

Ballon d’Or : Bayern Star Alphonso Davies became one of the footballers to contest Messi being awarded the Ballon d’Or trophy as opposed to his teammate, Lewandowski.

Alphonso Davies also contests Messi’s win of the Ballon d’Or. ©Alphonso Davies/Facebook

The star took to his Instagram page going live to rant about his stand towards the win and how he did not understand the world anymore adding that he was ‘so angry’.

Alphonso added that they should, ”at least give the guy his Ballon d’Or from last year.”

The Bayern star found it hard to conceal his frustration about the matter like several other football experts and fans around the world. It was not about Messi getting the award, it was about the award going to the rightful person.

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