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Africans in Germany, The Naje Festival 2021 to be held online

The Naje Festival is an intercultural event for the musical and culinary promotion of Africa to promote immigrants’ empowerment in Germany. The event will be happening from June 26-27th 2021 online and this is the 2nd edition.

The Naje Festival strives to celebrate the integrative diversity and try to represent the diversity of Africans as far as possible . It also represents it through artistic performances, music and a wide range of culinary offerings.

It is definitely an event that promotes togetherness for Africans in Germany. (read more below)

Dance performances at the Festival.

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The event showcases and uses the opportunities for integration through education, culture and environmental awareness. This is in cooperation wit the city of Hamburg to promote cultural districts in Rothenburgsort. (read more below)

People in attendance at the Naje Festival.

The main goal is to strengthen cohesion between people despite the hit of the coronavirus pandemic This gives attendees the chance to experience music, magical concerts, breathtaking acrobats, dances, djs, children’s programs, political shows, contests with many extraordinary gifts, bazaars and many other new surprises.

Source: Naje Festival