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Africans in Germany, Osamakue Izevbokun among winners of the 2021 Facebook Community Accelerator Program

Osamakue Izevbokun, the founder of Mothers, Kids and More (MKM) a Facebook group and Africans in Deutschland (AID) is one of the 13 winners of the 2021 Facebook Community Accelerator Program in Africa.

Reacting to the news, Ms Izevbokun, who is originally from Nigeria said: “I am so proud to share that we’ve been selected to participate in the 2021 Facebook Community Accelerator, a program that helps leaders harness the power of their community to turn impactful ideas into action. Over 130 participants across nine regions have been selected to participate. We were selected from a total of 14,000 applicants.”

Ms Izevbokun’s Mothers, Kids And More (MKM) is an impactful community empowering Nigerian and African women (and their children) to help each other to progress in their personal and professional lives. The community’s aim is to extract and recognise the potential within and without, and empower women to reach out to other women when they need help. Their long-term mission is to have the opportunity to have a centre where women can come in and get empowered.

The funding aims to help the communities develop further in different fields. For this purpose, the communities receive professional coaching and a total of $ 50,000 that they can invest in the community.

“I am excited for the opportunity to learn, grow and scale our impact,” Ms Izevbokun said.

Her community Mothers Kids and More (MKM) was created in 2017 as a support group to empower and educate women.

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MKM is committed to providing a non-prejudiced platform for women and mothers to communicate, network, share ideas and provide resources for self-development.

“I am so glad I will be able to empower women and mostly African women because majority of my members are Africans. My community has changed my life so much,” she said.

Ms Izevbokun, known as Osas Stephine Iroha on Facebook, came to Germany in 2012 as an Erasmus student from the University of Torino, Italy where she was studying Law. She switched to Nursing after realising that many African women back home needed professional advice from medical personnel.

“Today I am registered nurse thanks to my community and thanks to Facebook for the amazing gift,” Ms Izevbokun said.