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African asylum seekers in Germany still facing deportation despite COVID-19 pandemic

Many African asylum seekers in Germany continue to fear deportation especially now during the pandemic. The dynamics around travel are uncertain given the rising number of infections and deaths and there’s the fact that most African countries are not prepared to accept rejected asylum seekers.

A lot of Africans have even taken their lives due to fear of being deported. They fear visits from the police who they feel are not on their side. there have been cases of asylum seekers being deported involuntarily in the middle of the night. We wrote about it HERE.)

African asylum seekers despite being well versed in the German language, having a job and even being able to make a living for themselves still feel they lack the right to stay in Germany, they live .

Germany deported more than 750 Africans last year. The Federal Republic of Germany has been sending hundreds of Nigerian asylum seekers back to their country since 2015. Just last year deported Nigerians were the largest national group from sub-Saharan Africa, this was based on deportations orders from the EU.

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Deportation flights have still been charted this year. Just January, 24 people, including convcted criminal were flown from Munich to Nigeria.

Germany in 2020 deported less than half of the people it deported in 2019, according to data from the Interior Ministry, seen by German news agency DPA. Data provided to left-wing lawmakers showed that ten thousand and 800 deportations were recorded last year. In 2019, 2,297 people were deported.

Many African asylum seekers can not bear the thought of going back home especially with the knowledge that back home they could end up being more of a liability. There’s the lack of enough beds, health care personal and even ventilation machines to ensure safe recovery from the virus should one contract it.

Source: DW