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African Asylum seekers in Germany suffer harsh living conditions and unfavourable treatment

African asylum seekers in Germany make complaints to the German government about inhumane conditions and treatment in accommodation homes.

‘The homes have bad rooms, lousy food, bad treatment where asylum seekers always feel like they are prisoners. There have also been reports of racist doctors and police violence.’

There is a growing number of asylum seekers in Germany with a lot of African asylum seekers making their way into the country from Italy especially. Around 100,000 initial applications had been received by the end of September, around 35 percent more than in the same period of the previous year.

Focus wrote that there are harsh, monstrous-sounding allegation that cast a miserable light on the condition in German asylum shelters.

Allegations against official, police officers, doctors in asylum homes

African Asylum seekers in Germany have raised allegations against racist officials and police officers and even doctors! Some have complained about the fact that they are denied privacy with officials being able to come into their homes at any time without knocking or calling to let one know.

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Some quotes by asylum seekers interviewed by Focus are such as:

“It felt like a prison to me, as if I were in a cell.”

“People don’t know what’s going on inside Alcatraz. It is an island within Bamberg … “

“They just open your door and come in. Without even knocking or anything, they invade your privacy … Not even animals are treated that way. “

“They (the securities) come into the rooms for no reason because the doors have no keys, no matter if someone is naked, having sex, they come in …”

“I said: we are human, but you don’t value us. We are not important to you. We are not more important to you than an animal. An animal is more important. “

“The shower stalls didn’t have a door, just a plastic curtain. And showered while the young women Securities have as easy reingeguckt. “

Source: Focus