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Gambian-British artist, Pa Salieu, shows off in stunning African outfit – IMAGES

Gambian-British artist Pa Salieu posted a picture in a stunning African outfit in mustard while in his hometown, The Gambia.

The African artist who lives in the UK is well known to be fashionable and he attributes his style to his African background and ancestry.

The, 24-year-old, is taking over the UK music scene and is already performing on major platforms across the world.

Pa Salieu is well known for his hit track ‘Frontline’ which was released in 2020 that put him on the charts garnering a following and putting people from all over the world onto his music.

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Pa Salieu was born in the UK but was sent to The Gambia to live with his relatives because it would be less of a burden on his mother who was also struggling to make a living. He said this changed his image on life and made him appreciate his culture more.

Salieu was raised by his grandparents whom he added provided a lot of wisdom that was much needed for him in his journey towards music and life.

He came back to the UK at the age of eight or nine and only until he turned 18 did he start making music.

Gambian-British artist Pa Salieu in a stunning African outfit.
Pa Salieu stands next to a makeshift kiosk.