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Jossydy clothing brand makes African-inspired clothes in Nigeria and Germany to celebrate culture in the form of fashion

African Fashion: Jossydy is a hand-made African inspired clothing line with cloth made and produced in Nigerian and Germany. The brand makes amazing designs in African prints and patterns for Africans in Germany.

The clothing line was launched for those who appreciate the beauty and culture of Africa in the form of fashion. The goal is to shine light on African fashion worldwide, creating clothing pieces that influence different aspects of daily life.

The clothing is perfect for expressing oneself in different bold and unique prints made by the fashion brand based in Germany.

Jossydy works together with Locals and talented dressmakers in Nigeria, creating best quality designs that suit the personality of not only Africans but also non-Africans worldwide.

How to get in touch:

Hänferstaße 10

77815 Bühl


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Here are some designs by Jossydy the brand:

Jossydy fashion brand wear for children.
Jossydy fashion brand wear for children.
African-inspired skirts from the fashion brand wear for women and young girls.
woman in a skirt made by the brand.

Source: Jossydy