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Germany sees sharp drop in asylum requests in 2020

Asylum seekers in Germany: The number of asylum applications in Germany continues to decrease. According to the German interior ministry, there were over 30% fewer applications last year than 2019 the federal interior ministry announced Sunday (January 10).

Infomigrants said that according to the ministry, it recorded just over 76,000 first-time asylum applications last year, 31.5% fewer than in 2019. Most of the requests came from nationals from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Turkey.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer determined that the main reason for the decline is the corona pandemic and the current travel restrictions. The coronavirus has made it hard for travel and hence limited movement of people between borders.

The African courier reported that the figures cover all initial applications for the 27 EU countries plus Norway and Switzerland. According to the data submitted, the main countries of origin of those seeking protection remained the same.

Most applications came from Syrians (64,540), Afghans (48,578) and Venezuelans (30,643), Colombians (29,438) and Iraqis (18,167).

The ministry said that a further 26,520 asylum seekers application in Germany were made for children under the age of one who were born in Germany to non-nationals. This brings the total number of applications to 102,581.

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Almost a third of every applicant for asylum was recognised despite the effects of the pandemic as the decision remained the same as 2019.

According to EASO, the recognition rate remained stable at an average of 32 %. Syrians with 84 %, Eritreans with 80 % and Yemenis with 75 % were most recognised as in need of protection, while Colombians with 2% and Venezuelans with 3% were least recognised.