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Assick Ebai Nyenty nominated Best African Fashion Designer in Europe at AFRONEWS – Ortel Mobile African Community in Germany Awards 2022

African community awards. African Community in Germany awards 2022. Assick Ebai Nyenty has been nominated for the Best African Fashion Designer in Europe Award at the AFRONEWS – Ortel Mobile African Community in Germany Awards 2022.

Who is Assick Ebai Nyenty?

Assick Nyenty is the founder of House of Graces (HoG). The 26-year-old business student was born and raised in Cameroon, but currently lives in Wiesbaden, Germany.

She started her fashion company in 2019 under the name Ena Styles. She later changed the name to House of Graces when she started running an atelier near Wiesbaden city centre from March 2022.

House of Graces offers a variety of fashion styles, from haute couture, adult wear to children’s fashion. They sew custom-made clothes themselves and pay attention to sustainability. They also offer alterations and upcycling for older garments.

At HoG they not only focus on the field of fashion. They want to use their platform and acquired funds to create a foundation providing educational opportunity to those who don’t have the means to education, create job opportunities, etc.

In the future they plan to start their production of the ready-to-wear collections in Ghana as the business grows. They will also be offering sewing classes for both children and adults.

HoG recently had a photo-shoot of their recent summer collection which was launched on 1st June 2022 on their website.

MORE ABOUT HER HERE: Get to know Cameroonian Germany-based fashion designer Assick Ebai Nyenty – the amazing CEO of House of Graces (HoG)


Assick Ebai Nyenty
Website: House of gracess
Facebook profile: Assick derrick

Organised by the AFRONEWS, the newspaper for Africans in Germany, the African Community in Germany Awards celebrate and recognise outstanding achievements of Africans in different fields in Germany. They are a way of appreciating and encouraging Africans who have excelled in different fields and are making a positive contribution to the German society.

The Awards recognise the good work done by African organisations/associations and businesses to promote a positive image of Africa and Africans, facilitate integration of Africans in Germany, promote business opportunities and international cooperation between Germany and African countries.

How to vote for your nominee

Public voting online for the official Award nominees is now open. The closing date for voting online is 17:00 on Monday, 12th September 2022.

To vote for your preferred nominee, click here:

Sponsors of African Community in Germany Awards 2022

Ortel Mobile, Germany’s leading prepaid sim cards provider for people with a migration background, is the major sponsor of the African Community in Germany Awards 2022.

The Awards are also sponsored by Taptap Send, an easy-to-use smartphone app that lets you send money to family and friends with just a few taps and a debit card, and Ria Money Transfer, a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT), a global leader in the money transfer industry.

How to sponsor African Community in Germany Awards 2022

The African Community in Germany Awards is a high-level event that offers companies a variety of channels to increase their visibility amongst members of the African Community in Germany.

For Sponsorship Opportunities please contact: Stephen Ogongo, Editor of AFRONEWS, Tel/WhatsApp: +393333010654. Email:

The African Community in Germany Awards Gala Night 2022

All winners will be announced and recognised at the African Community in Germany Awards Gala Night to be held on 22nd October 2022 from 5:30 PM at Bürgerzentrum Niederhöchstadt, Montgeronplatz 1, 65760 Eschborn.

The event will start at 17:30 and end at 23:45. An after-event party will follow until 05:00. CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR PLACE.

Reservations are made on a first-come first-served basis. For further info on Reservations to attend the Awards Gala Night, please contact: Gillian Piroth, Tel: +49 177 7800989. Mail: