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Victor Osimhen gets face bashed in during match causing severe facial injury

Nigerian Napoli striker Victor Osimhen, Africa’s most expensive player, is set to be sidelined for three months with a severe facial injury after his face was bashed in and his eye left out of place.

Victor Osimhen facial injury
Nigerian Serie A side, Victor Osimhen, to undergo face surgery after severe facial injury during match

The extent of the injury meant that the 22-year-old will miss the Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon set to kick off in fewer than seven weeks’ time on 9th January.

The Serie A side said the Napoli striker Osimhen had face surgery on his cheekbone and eye socket on Tuesday, having sustained fractures in the 3-2 defeat by Inter Milan on Sunday.

Victor Osimhen’s injury was not just an injury to the cheekbone confessed his maxillofacial surgeon when asked about the facial injury. He added that the injury had affected several bones of the face and was not a shock injury but a compression.

Italian media said, ”the kinetic force generated by the crushing of Osimhen’s face against Skriniar’s created devastating damage. To heal the fractures I had to insert six plates and eighteen screws. “

Victor Osimhen, face surgery required for Napoli striker

The surgeons have to create a mask suitable for Osimhen’s conformation, a fete they say will prove to be challenging. Dr. Canonico, a medical director in Naples, concluded that the surgery would help him recover and that he cannot got to the Africa Cup.

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He said,” At the moment we need to understand what the conditions of the orbit and the nerve will be because the eye socket has narrowed and the eye has come out of the socket due to the trauma.”

Victor Osimhen is expected to fully recover in 90 days, 3 months off period during which he will miss at least 13 Series A matches.

Images from the event below:

Victor Osimhen face injury
Victor Osimhen face injury
Victor Osimhen facial injury
Victor Osimhen facial injury
Victor Osimhen facial injury
Victor Osimhen to undergo face surgery

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