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Lukaku regrets his move to Chelsea, apologises to Inter fans: “I love Inter, I’ll be back”

Chelsea’s striker Romelu Lukaku regrets his decision to move from Italy’s Inter Club to the London club and apologises for the way he treated Inter fans.

Chelsea’s striker Romelu Lukaku regrets his decision to move from Italy’s Inter Club.

The Belgian national who is not having a great time at Chelsea, confessed his nostalgia for Inter in an interview with Sky Sports.

Asked what was his message to Inter fans, Lukaku said: “First, I’d like to apologise to the Inter fans.” He said he was supposed to leave the club in a different way, stressing that he would have first consulted the fans for all the good things they had done to him, his family, his mother and his son.

Lukaku said he will remember all those things throughout his life. “I hope from the bottom of my heart to return to Inter, not at the end of my career, but at a time and level when it’s possible to win more”.

The Chelsea striker Lukaku said he was still in good shape. “Physically I’m fine, even better than before. This is something that, after two years in Italy where I worked a lot with the Inter team and the trainers, will remain with me forever. I’m not happy with the situation at Chelsea, it’s normal.”

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Lukaku said the Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel had changed the original module but he promised not to give up. “I continue to work, I am a professional. I’m not happy, it’s normal, but I’m a worker and I don’t have to give up,” he said.

Since moving to Chelsea Lukaku has only played 13 Premier League matches out of 20, not all as a starter, scoring 5 goals.

Stressing his desire to return to Inter, Lukaku said he wasn’t supposed to leave the club the way he did. He said he was disturbed by the way he communicated with the fans. “It is not the right time now but not even when I went away was the right time. Now it’s right to talk, I have Inter in my heart and I’ll go back to play there. I really hope so. I’m in love with Italy, this is the time to talk and let people know what really happened without speaking ill of people because I’m not like that,” Lukaku said.

At the moment Lukaku’s return to Inter seems an uphill task. He earns 12 million Euros per season, a huge amount for Inter. And his return would also overcrowd Milan’s club attacking section. But you never know.