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FIFA fines Senegal and Nigeria over misconduct at World Cup qualifiers

Egyptian striker Mohamed Salah targeted in the face with pointing lasers during the penalty kicks a the FIFA world cup qualifiers.

FIFA decided to take action over the misconduct that took place at the World Cup qualifiers in March placing heavy fines and a spectator ban on both Senegal and Nigeria.

Senegal has been asked to pay 175,000 Swiss francs (around 170,900 euros) for the incidents in the game against Egypt and play the next international match in front of empty ranks. FIFA announced this on Monday in an overview of the current sanctions.

The Senegal vs. Egypt match took place on the 29th of March in Dakar where Egypt were defeated 3-1 but after the game they raised racism allegations against the fans of Senegal.

Insulting posters could be seen in the stands, especially against Liverpool star striker Mohamed Salah. The buses of the Egyptian delegation were also attacked.

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Egyptian striker Salah was also aimed at using laser pointers in between the game during penalties interrupting the player’s focus and it was even captured on TV footage.

FIFA places heavy fines and a spectator ban on both Senegal and Nigerian over misconduct at World Cup qualifiers.

Nigeria sanctioned over FIFA riots

Nigeria’s Football Association has been fined 150,000 Swiss francs (around 146,500 euros) and will also have to play its next international match without a spectator reported Tag24.

In the playoff games for the Qatar World Cup 2022 there occurred mayhem when Nigerians fans decided to attack Ghanaian players after their team did not make it to the coveted games.

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Nigerian fans stormed the pitch and chased the footballers attempting to flee at the Abuja National Stadium after the final whistle to the game was sounded.

The rioters threw objects onto the field, destroyed benches and tore up goal nets and advertising banners.

Nigerian fans rioting over loss to Ghana.