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FC Bayern footballer Alphonso Davies talks marriage plans with girlfriend and making music together

FC Bayern footballer Alphonso Davies shared on his YouTube channel that he and his girlfriend, PSG player Jordyn Huitema, were already discussing wedding plans and, shockingly, working on a song together.

FC Bayern Footballer Alphonso Davies and PSG footballer girlfriend Jordyn Huitema.

The couple have been active on Tiktok and their YouTube channel where they share spinets of their personal life aside from sports. we wrote about it here: Ghanaian born Alphonso Davies, from refugee to Bayern left-back star and TikTok fame

Alphonso Davies has been out for the season due to a sporting injury that doctors had presumed would take up to 3 months to heal.

He was suffering from mild myocarditis which is an inflammation of the heart muscles. It was determined that his is the case of simple asymptomatic courses and it was possible to deviate from the recommended three months and start again with light training after two months.

They cautioned that a gradual restart after a sports break is important.

Meanwhile the Liberian player has been spending time in his home studio making music as he is now working on a duet with his girlfriend.

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Ghanaian born Alphonso Davies, from refugee to Bayern left-back star and TikTok fame

Davies shared that his girlfriend has sang a short excerpt of a song that they were creating together and he hopes they can release the song as soon as possible.

Alphonso said, ‘We are writing a song together and maybe you guys will get to hear that in one of our videos’. wrote that the two had talked about their honeymoon plans with Huitema sharing hey had been planning the location for a while and that it would be Bora-Bora or the Maldives.