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AFCON 2021: Gambian Scorpions historical achievement at the Africa Cup

Gambian Scorpions win Tunisia: Gambian Scorpion had a late win against Tunisia after Ablie Jallow scored in the 90th minute

Gambian Scorpions late win against Tunisia (1-0)

Gambian Scorpions late win against Tunisia at AFCON 2021

The Scorpions made their last sting against Tunisia in the last minute earning the team a shocking win 1-0 win over Tunisia. Ablie Jallow scored in the 90th minute of the game and Tunisia could not help but get disappointed. Tunisia finishes third place in the group and will proceed as one of the four best third teams to the knockout stage. The disadvantage that Tunisia has is that it will have to face the best team at the group level and this might be a challenge to them.

So far Gambia has won all of its matches in group stages contrary to what most people expected. The Gambia had their opening match against Mauritania and scored (1-0)Africa Cup of Nations: the Gambia beat Mauritania in dream debut match. Their second match was against Mali where the game ended in a draw(1-1). The scorpions are second in the group level and are qualified for the second round of the last sixteen.

Gambia national team has gained support from various influential leaders in the country and so far they have not disappointed them. Essa Faal, one of the richest men in the Gambia had promised the players a surprise gift in case they win against Tunisia. Essa M. Faal, one of the wealthiest people in Gambia, promises special gifts to Gambian players who score against Tunisia

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