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Moroccan footballer Achraf Hakimi’s wife discovers he owns ‘nothing’ during divorce drama

Morocco footballer Achraf Hakimi and his wife Hiba Abouk.

African footballers. Moroccan Footballer Achraf Hakimi became a trending topic when his wife filed for divorce and wanted more than half of the Moroccan footballer’s property and fortune.

Achraf is one of the highest paid players in Ligue 1 and he receives more than a million euros per month with Paris Saint Germain and the Moroccan national football team. The ex-wife therefore would have hit the jackpot but when they arrived in court, they realised that Achraf Hakimi had no property and that the bank had none either.

This discovery was made during ongoing divorce proceedings in court after his wife, Hiba Abouk, filed for divorce and asked for half of all the property and money the footballer owned.

To her shock, she discovered that Hakimi, 24, had registered all his properties and monies in his mother’s name, and whenever he needed anything, he would ask his mother to buy it for him.

In the process of divorce, Hiba Abouk, former partner of Achraf Hakimi, was informed by her lawyer that Hakimi has no assets in his name.

Morocco footballer Achraf Hakimi and his mother.

The player is one of the highest paid players in the PSG squad, receiving € 1 million a month. 80% of this amount is deposited monthly in his mother’s account, Mrs. Fatima.


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Why does Moroccan player Achraf Hakimi have nothing in his name?

Achraf Hakimi has no properties, cars or jewellery to his name. Everything Hakimi wants to buy he asks his mother, who buys it and immediately puts it in his name.

All his houses, cars, clothes, and jewellery were found to be in his mother’s name, and millions in salary were deposited in accounts bearing his mother’s name.

The couple began dating in 2018, married in 2020 and have two sons. She filed for divorce around March 2023.

 Hakimi being investigated in Paris, France, for alleged rape was the final nail in the coffin even as his marriage to the Spanish actress had already been deteriorating for months prior.

What did people have to say about Morocco footballer Achraf Hakimi’s wife discovering he owns ‘nothing’ ?

Hakimi’s move of not having his wealth registered in his name has made news worldwide, as some hailed him for being ‘wise’ and a living legend in protecting his assets; while others castigated Hakimi and his mother.

“Get this man the Africa football player of the year award immediately. We are also working tirelessly to have him as the guest of honour in the next men’s conference”

“They’re just married for 3 years and she wants half his property already. If they were married for 20 years she would have requested for his life alongside the entire properties. Black athletes should learn from this”

“Achraf Hakimi is his name. A man who could see deceit way before. A true legend”

“That was chess not checkers. Well played”

“Mummy boy for life. We may argue disagree sometimes even block them for sanity’s sake, and unblock them afterward. But when it comes to making life decisions, mummy’s boy for life”

“This is not right. Yes, things may have happened that leads them to divorce. But she is a human being, who sacrificed 2years of her life with Hakimi. She gave him something everyone human being needs, companionship. She deserves to leave with something”

“Marriage is going to loose value if a woman can spend years in marriage and leave without any additional value”