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Why many flights in Germany will be CANCELED on Friday

Why many flights in Germany will be CANCELED on Friday

German news. Strike cancels flights in Germany. According to the Verdi union, workers at seven airports, including the busy hubs of Frankfurt and Munich, will stage a one-day strike to push their demand for higher wages.

Tens of thousands of passengers will experience cancelations and delays, especially those traveling on domestic flights. The strike will be taking place on Friday, February 17th.
This morning, the Verdi vice president Christine Behle said, “Workers are putting joint pressure on their employers because negotiations so far have not yielded any results.”

Verdi is currently leading negotiations for public sector workers, airport ground crew and airline security staff, demanding better pay at a time when workers are seeing their incomes eroded by the higher cost of living.

Which airports will be affected?

The one-day strike will affect airports in the cities of Bremen, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich and Stuttgart. However, aid flights to earthquake-hit Turkey and Syria will not be affected. Verdi urged passengers to be understanding, and stating the strike announcement was made made early to give passengers time to make alternative plans.

“Inflation , high energy and food prices are forcing many workers into a precarious situation,” Behle said. “They need a lot more money to make a living.”

Verdi and the civil servants association dbb are demanding 10.5% more income in the current negotiations, with at least 500 euros more for the approximately 2.5 million employees in the federal and local public service.

The new collective agreement will initially last for twelve months, employers so far rejecting the requests. Verdi Vice President Christine Behle said there was still a catastrophic labor shortage among airport ground staff. To change this situation, they need an attractive salary increase.
“We urgently need better working conditions for air traffic employees, otherwise chaos is looming next summer.”

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Source: T-online