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Weather in Germany, snow, cold and winter temperatures

The weather in Germany should be a bit unpleasant this week with cold temperatures. Expect very low to cold temperatures that have very similar characteristic to winter while going into the Spring season.

Polar cold air, snow, sleet and temperature values in the single digits are to be expected. Meteorologist Christian Herold from the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach told Spiegel that, “It remains too cold for the season.”

He added that the weather might have a bit of hope for becoming a bit brighter this week with the onslaught of Spring-like conditions, but these are not until next weekend.

Split weather through-out Germany

The South-East of Germany can look forward to Sunshine at 21 degrees while the North-West might be facing shivers under thick clouds, heavy rain and temperatures that should not exceed 6 degrees Celsius.

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Snow in the afternoons

The afternoon weather in Germany should be gloomy expecting almost 20 degrees in Würzburg, Koblnz. In the mountain ranges it should start snowing in the afternoon.

Monday will have winter again in the Ore Mountains and the Alps. Other parts of the country will experience sleet.

Frosty nights, cold days

Expect frosty nights and cold days with rains and sleet for the next week. The continued influx of polar cold air is responsible for this which should slow down the influence of high pressure.

Source: Spiegel, DPA