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Weather alert in Germany: Winter is coming again, there are signs of severe storms

Weather Alert in Germany: January weather in Germany threatens to have mild-severe storms with threats of Winter.

weather in Germany threatens to have signs of winter and severe storms.

In some regions in Germany hurricane-like gusts are to be expected.

During this first week of January there should be inconsistent and mild weather with rain and thunderstorms and according to the German Weather Service (DWD).

The mountainous regions should still expect wintry weathers, while at lower altitudes, wet and cold weather can be expected. This cold will be responsible for the possible April weather at the beginning of the year.

Weather in Germany: Monday has signs of thunderstorms, cold winds and winter threats

Monday night should have individual thunderstorms with stormy winds especially happening in the west. This is also inclusive of heavy rain in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The week will start with rain showers spreading across the country. Thunderstorms can also develop in the mild air.

Especially on the coasts and in the mountains, squalls and heavy storms at night are to be expected.

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Weather in Germany : Wednesday shows signs of polar air and winds

Tuesday will remain cloudy and rainy and during the course of the day the weather will loosen up especially in the west.

In Southern Germany there will be chances of a Hurricane-like gusts are to expected again, amid severe storms at night.

Source: dpa, t-online