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Weather alert in Germany: threats of severe winds of upto 160km/h

Weather alert in Germany: The German Weather Service (DWD) warns of severe gusts of wind in some parts of Germany of upto 160km/h.

The German meteorologist service has still issued a red alert for numerous districts and the Harz area might even have a red alert which is an official storm warning of extreme hurricane gusts.

Focus wrote that, ‘should the gusts could be above 1000 meters, they would reach speeds between 120 km / h and 160 km / h, according to the DWD.

A list was provided of place that should or could experience a dark red alert:


  • Harz – Bergland district

Red alert


  • Ortenau district
  • Freudenstadt district
  • District of Emmendingen
  • District of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald and city of Freiburg
  • District of Loerrach
  • Waldshut district
  • Schwarzwald-Baar district


  • Freyung-Grafenau district
  • Deggendorf district
  • Circle rain
  • Cham district
  • District of Straubing-Bogen and city of Straubing
  • Schwandorf district
  • Neustadt ad Waldnaab district
  • Tirschenreuth district
  • Bayreuth district and city
  • Wunsiedel district
  • District and city courtyard
  • Rhön-Grabfeld district
  • Bad Kissingen district


  • Hildburghausen district
  • Schmalkalden-Meiningen district
  • Sonneberg district
  • District of Saalfeld-Rudolstadt
  • Ilm district
  • District of Gotha


  • Hochsauerlandkreis


  • Waldeck-Frankenberg district
  • District of Fulda

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Germany’s weather alert on Thursday

On Thursday, you should also be prepared for rail and air traffic disruptions, especially at the airports in Frankfurt am Main and Cologne-Bonn.

From Thursday, along with the wind, we have to prepare for a drop in temperatures. This weekend will be cold. The temperatures practically all over the country will not exceed 10 degrees Celsius. Only in the south-west, the maximum values ​​will rise to just above, to 14-15 degrees.

Weather forecast for the next few days

  • ︎ The weather will be very windy on Thursday . Temperatures will drop to max. 13 degrees Celsius. It will be cloudy and rainy.
  • ︎ It  should be cloudy and windy in the north of Germany on Friday . In the south, temperatures will reach 15 degrees Celsius. It will be sunny in here.
  • ︎ On Saturday the weather will be changeable. Daytime temperatures range from 9 to 14 degrees. On Sunday, weather forecasters forecast heavy fog.
  • ︎ On Monday, a mixture of sun and clouds, fog and haze. No rainfall. Average temperature: up to 13 degrees Celsius.